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If, then there's only rainbow weather

Sometimes the sun takes a break! It would be boring if it didn't. Nature needs the rain so that we can enjoy the beautiful greenery. And in the rain, the green is even greener! If you don't want to do an outdoor programme, there are many ways to have a good time on dry feet!

Elli Riehl Dolls' World

Feel the joie de vivre of yesteryear today...

They proudly follow the bride, grin mischievously while playing with the marbles or whisper under the umbrella:

Over 700 rag dolls take visitors young and old on a journey through time in the Elli Riehl doll world. Old customs and scenes from rural life evoke memories of childhood. Each doll is unique and tells a different story about the country and its people. Look forward to touching moments with a lot of love for detail and life!

The organic citrus garden

A garden with beguiling fragrances

If you want to smell citrus like on the Amalfi Coast, you don't have to travel that far. An "insider tip" is the citrus garden in Finkenstein! The citrus garden is a year-round destination and offers a combination of botanical garden and organic delicatessen. In addition, you can purchase organic citrus trees here. Combine your visit to the citrus garden with a weekend stay at Lake Faak! The citrus trees bloom especially beautifully in winter!

Obir Stalactite Caves

Embark on a fascinating journey through time

Millions of years back into the past. The incomparable mix of nature and man, the symbiosis of 200 million years of history and modern technology, will also captivate you! More than one million visitors from all over the world have already experienced the beauty of the Obir stalactite caves. Experience Austria's most fascinating natural wonder!

Happ Reptile Zoo

Austria's largest reptile zoo

Experience 1,000 exciting animals in Austria's largest reptile zoo. 60 different snake species such as mambas, cobras, rattlesnakes, giant snakes as well as turtles, giant tortoises, crocodiles, iguanas, monitor lizards, tarantulas and scorpions. Outdoor enclosure with European snakes, shaded dinosaur garden with (almost) full-scale replicas.
Tips: Feeding of piranhas and crocodiles every Sat. at 3 pm!

Gurk Abbey

In the footsteps of St. Hemma of Gurk

The Romanesque church from the 12th century is one of the most important buildings of European sacral art. Highlights include the hundred-column crypt with the tomb of St. Hemma, the bishop's chapel with frescoes (13th century), and the Lenten cloth (1458). The newly opened Gurk treasury contains over 300 objects of Carinthian sacred art.

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